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1. Company Presentation

Solution address “SOLAD S.A.R.L.” is a multi-services company registered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the registration number (RCCM): CD/GDT/KHI/RCCM/15-B-082 and  National identification number (Id Nat): 019/ILK/DHK/2015. Our organization is currently based in Lubumbashi and is aiming to extend its activities at both national and international level. The company operations are extended to the Republic Of Zambia where the sister company, SOLAD ZAMBIA limited is registered under the registration number: 1178931.

2. Vision and Mission

To become our clients’ reliable business partner that effectively understands their problems for both effective and durable solutions.

3. Motivation

From the bottom heart of Africa, we believe in a durable industrial development of the big Africa and, we see ourselves as one of its development success wheels

4. Services

Solution Address SARL provide a wide range of services amongt and not limited to: 

  • Labour broking 

  • Training and development;

  • Materials/Goods supplies                                                                                                                                                       

4.1 Industrial Services


Solution address assist its customers in supplying the manpower to carry out several industrial activities in both private and public sectors. Amongst other areas in which SOLAD in actively involved are: 

  • Plants Maintenance;

  • Ore Transport;

  • Plants housekeeping;

  • Health & Safety;

  • Building Construction;

  • Goods & people Transport;

4.2 Training & Development 

SOLAD is highly experienced in supporting its partners through employees' skills and knowledge development.

Solution Address assist its customers in developing skills and knowledge of its employees. Therefore, SOLAD can deliver training in wide range of skills areas amongst and not limited to:

  • Mining Industry Related Knowledge and skills;

  • Supply Chain;

  • Leadership and Management;

  • Computer Skills;

  • Health and Safety. 

4.3 Supplies

SOLAD can assist its customers in supplying to them supplies aligned to their needs in order to effectively respond to the demand of our clients/customers. Therefore, supplies will be delivered based on specific items that would be requested by our customers from any industrial and non-industrial sectors amongst and not limited to: 


  • Occupational Health and Safety;

  • Civil engineering;

  • Electrical Engineering;

  • Mechanical Engineering;

  • Breweries;

  • Restaurant;

  • Bakery;

  • Farming.

4.4 Translation

We also do a cost effective and high quality English/French and French/English document translation to break the communication barrier that counterproductive to our customers’ business.

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