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We are committed to assist our clients in training and developing their workforce in a wide range of both technical and non technical areas.

We strive to ensure that delivered training sessions are conducted in a cost effective manner with a direct impact on our clients' business.


We  make sure that the impact is demonstrable  via a wide range of metrics/indicators and mostly  the return on the investment.

I. Non-technical:

This skill area deals with Administration, Management, Occupational safety  and Human Resources. this is a common ground for different business sectors and it aims to work on people human factors so that they can positively impact their environment


II. Technical & others

Our areas of expertise are and not limited to

  1.  Lean Maintenance Planning &Scheduling

  2. Industrial Electricity;

  3. Domestics Electricity

  4. Heavy duty Mechanics

  5. Welding and boiler making;

  6. Refrigeration and air-conditioning;

  7. Plant mechanics

  8. Industrial Instrumentation;

  9. Ore processing and metal recovery;

  10. Millwright;



We Can also conduct training  Needs analysis for your organization  and accordingly design and deliver a  customized skills development  programme

Training and development

III. Consultancy 

We offer consultancy in projects with regards to employees' skills and development and chiefly:

  1. The design of mining related training management system;

  2. Design of training data base;

  3. Design of mining related training programs packages; 

  4. Design of training forms ; 

  5. Design of training impact evaluation management system;

  6. Competency-based Job description;

  7. Mining organization training needs analysis;

  8. Training staff recruitment 

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