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Labour Supply; Recruitment 

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever changing landscape of compliance in the region.

Our recruitment team has access to a rapidly expanding database of locally and regionally available candidates of all disciplines and skill sets. In tandem with our partners we benefit from having access to a large pool of candidates ready to work throughout Africa.

Recruitment Campaigns 

We organize both local and international recruitment campaigns for clients wishing to hire specific numbers of personnel. We provide a complete service including the sourcing of candidates and venue arrangements. A project team supports the campaign to ensure smooth operation and successful completion.

Call-Off Contracts

Many of our clients require short term personnel on a call off basis. We can provide a tailored service to meet client needs and ensure complete compliance. These contracts generally support commission & start up teams, inspection activities and ad hoc specialist personnel.

Amongst available talents in our data base are:

  1. Boilermakers;

  2. Welders;

  3. Electricians;

  4. Auto-Electrician

  5. Grade Controller

  6. Metallurgist

  7. Industrial instrumentation technicians;

  8. Crane Operators;

  9. Dump Truck operators;

  10. Truck operators,

  11. Bus driver

  12. Forklift operator

  13. Excavator operator;

  14. Loader Operators

  15. Gantry crane operators;

  16. Rubber liners

  17. Safety Officers....

  18. Cookers

  19. Storeman

  20. Fix Plant operator

  21. Riggers

  22. IT Technician

  23. Carpenter

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